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Magdalene Taylor

Artist, Joker, Creator

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Magdalene Taylor is a 21 year old artist based out of Los Angeles, California. She currently attends California Insitute of the Arts for BFA Acting and will be graduating in 2023. Magdalene was born and raised in good ol' Dallas, Texas. The lone-star state is where she stumbled upon her first play in the 6th grade, Aladdin Jr ! It was an absolute hit with middle school critics. The lights, the backstage jargon, and most certainly the standing crowd crying applause all led her to pursue this thing called "show bizness". 


Magdalene's theatrical roles enveloped into her subconscious thus far include: Myrtle Wilson in "The Great Gatsby" at CalArts (Present), Diocletian in "Acts of Afra" at CalArts (Present), Preist/Doctor/Judge in "Machinal" at CalArts (2019), Becca in "Rabbit Hole" (2018), Kerry Kowalski in "The Awesome 80's Prom" (2016), the White Witch in "Narnia" (2016) , Beatrice in "Much Ado About Nothing" (2016), and Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet" (2015). Magdalene Taylor received two UIL All-Star Cast Awards for her performances as Elizabeth Packard in "Mrs. Packard" (2018) and Jean in "Juvie" (2013). Magdalene also received the award Actress of the Year for her International Thespian Society in 2018. 


When Magdalene is not learning lines, directing a play, or working on her next no budget film, you can probably find her at the beach, on her skateboard, or writing poetry mountainside. If you would like to reach out for a collaboration opportunity with Ms. Taylor, click connect above!


"I'll take peace and love with a side of mango slices..." ~Magdalene Taylor

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